Pink - Just Give Me A Reason (Feat. Nate Ruess)

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Every time I think everything’s going really well, even though I try really hard, it all fucks up. And I just think that maybe I’m one of those people who doesn’t deserve to be happy.
Jenny, The L Word (via anonymouslytumbling)

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My Top 10 funniest L Word scenes (in no particular order):

4. “Shane: (offering a brownie) You want one?

Shaun actress: Oh no, I’m good.

Shane: Hey listen, they’re not gay. I promise.

Alice: Oh my God, what if they were gay! What if the brownies were gay?!

Shane: They’re all fucking each other.

Shane & Alice: (pretending as the brownies)

Alice: Hey, you’re hot!”

Shane & Alice TLW s05e05 – “Lookin’ At You, Kid”


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"Are you okay?" they ask…

Do I fucking look okay? shit”

when words fail


Easy A gifs help,

my feelings right now:image

how I feel knowing that a certain somebody now ‘hates’ me..

how I feel in general:

and on that note, I’m going for a very long run and then to visit the one person who always knows just what to say, my amazing Grandmother :)

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Ciao 2012, Hullo 2013!

So sad.. :(

So sad.. :(

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Current Addictions…

* Coffee-based drinks (after swearing it off a couple of years ago)

* F/F Novels (^_^)

* The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (Team DElena!!!)


* Cheeseburger and Coffee combo

* Eating at my workstation right under the nose (lens) of the CCTV (which my boss monitors)

* Going to bed early only to sleep late because of a novel I’m reading

—I can really see my social skills improving.. NOT!